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ALIGNMENT is an immediately visible energy healing!

It is an energetic resolution of spiritual-emotional conflicts which cause imbalances and abnormalities in the body.

Body, mind and soul become a harmonious unit again maintaining or restoring your physical and mental health. It is a powerful impulse for further regeneration and self-healing processes.

The ALIGNMENT is carried out only once !

Its effect is permanent and lasting because the spiritual cause is healed and not treated at the symptom level. It is done without touching, is painless, has no risk or side effects and works in seconds.

EXPERIENCE THE ALIGNMENT - realize that you are so much more than "just" your body. Whatever symptom you are currently experiencing or whatever challenge life is currently presenting you with - the ALIGNMENT can bring about holistic healing, ease or solution on all levels!




The earlier the correction is done, the greater the chance of avoiding illness in the future. Therefore, the ALIGNMENT is even for children from the first week of life, and of course for kids, teenagers and adults of any age.

Also suitable for animals



The ALIGNMENT is a touch-free procedure.

To take some benchmarks, the session starts by standing up and then you will be asked to lie down, fully clothed, on a massage table.

The session can always be adapted to the person's physical condition.


Adults :  170.- CHF

Children (7-16 ans) :  100.- CHF

Infant :  50.- CHF

Rates for families on request

Animals :  50.- CHF

The alignment is also possible in the form of a distance session.

The ALIGNMENT can be done individually or in a small group.

From 8 people upwards, the straightening can also take place at your home.


The result is immediately visible in the posture - a straight pelvis, adjusted shoulder blades, balanced leg lengths, and an aligned spine.

The ALIGNMENT is an important aid for complaints of all kinds, as all main control centers and organ supply depend on the spine. Thus back and joint complaints, migraine, tension, and organ diseases can be treated positively.

Also as a preventive.

After the ALIGNMENT, as cause blockages are released, a free flow of energy through the body is possible, The body's power of regeneration and self-healing is activated to the extent that the person's free will allows.





No diagnostic or prognoses are provided. The energy healing methods I offer do not replace medical treatments or therapies.

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