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Experience the ALIGNMENT as a holistic healing and harmony on all levels - body, mind and soul !

The ALIGNMENT is an energetic impulse leading to a straightened spine and a correction of the pelvic alignment.

In only one session.

Touch free !


Whether you have a physical condition, are experiencing difficulty in certain areas of your life, or are looking for increased clarity or confidence, Reconnective Healing® may be right for you. 

The Reconnection® is a unique experience that facilitates and accelerates your personal evolution.


It is a reconnection to the fullness of our beings, to the essence of who we are.


This deck of cards takes you on a journey of self-awareness through the dynamic power and symbolic nature of their images. It’s a new pathway to connect with your subconscious and inner wisdom.

Let yourself be surprised by the power of the images and listen to their messages!


À Propos
Caren Menge-Wegner

Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner

Reconnection-Certified Practitioner

The ALIGNMENT - Die Aufrichtung

English - French - German

I define myself as an explorer of life, a free and creative spirit.

The discovery of the Reconnection in 2012 opened up an unsuspected field of possibility and this fascination has not left me since. The essence of my approach is rooted in the richness of my training as much as in my personal history.

My passion for the human being, his functioning and his interaction with the world drives me, fascinates me and animates me.

It will be my pleasure to share it with you.

If you like the art work on this website, you can find out more here :



Passage de l ‘Intendant 6

CH  1227 Carouge

+41 79 653 77 88


For more information or in order to arrange an appointment please contact me by phone or use the form below.

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